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Neo-soul group, Solomon’s Garden, is the new face of black British soul music

The United Kingdom has an entertainment culture that most envy. The city is very multicultural which definitely shows in the type of music that comes out of the city, be it broken beat, jazz, house or soul music. The last few years, the soul scene in the UK has grown tremendously and the growth has reached a point where one London can be regarded as the global hub of soul music. Yes, that is a rather bold statement – but the amount of great quality RnB and soul has come out of the city and the regions surrounding. Now, I have to admit, I speak on the London scene from an outsider’s perspective as Nusoulhub Radio is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but one thing’s for sure – our team has its hand on the pulse of what’s hip and happening in the global alternative music realm.

A lot of talent has came out of the UK, most notably acts like Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Alfa Mist just to name a few and the city has also attracted talent from other regions of the world, like Jordan Rakei. One of the many talents that are getting an increased amount of exposure is none other than RnB outfit, Solomon’s Garden. The group first popped on our radar a few months ago and the first project we got hear was Welcome To The Garden, an introductory six-track EP which was released in February this year. We were blown away by the group’s fresh approach to RnB – the music was filled with modern content and modern soul production. Through the group’s work, we got to familiarise ourselves with the new and emerging faces of black British soul music. One would expect such music coming out of the capital city of England, London, but not this time around as the group is from Kent, a county in South East England.


Image via Solomon’s Garden

After the success of their first EP, Solomon’s Garden showed more intent to succeed with the release of their second EP titled From Dust, To Gold. The number of songs in the second EP is similar to the first EP, which compels to assume that the number ‘6’ is the group’s lucky number. From Dust, To Gold is unquestionably a masterpiece, an incredible body of work. We’re definitely looking forward to more from the group in future.

Stream their From Dust, To Gold EP below: