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Long Beach, California, duo Soular System takes us on a soulful journey with their new album

Long Beach, California, based duo Soular System first came up on our radar when they dropped their debut project, Summer Solstice, in June 2016. We were immediately enamored with their music as we were forced to reminisce to a time when soul music made us feel. The digital age has given modern music a short lifespan and it is becoming more difficult to find albums that are timeless. Soular System challenges that notion and their new project, Eclipse, is testament to that.

Eclipse is an auditory experience like no other coupled with an unmatched soulful feel – guaranteeing all types of wonderful ‘feels’. You can expect to hear a combination of Funk, Soul, House RnB, Hip Hop and electronic nuances sprinkled all over the twelve-track strong album. The vocalist, Anthony Lynn, serenades the listener with his unique and uncharacteristic style of singing which complements the productions made by Tom Kendall.

Eight months ago, the duo first gave us, Sakatim, a teaser of what we were to expect from the album. 

Songs like For James Yancey serve as reminders as to why this type of music important – with the song being a beautiful interpretation of the late J Dilla‘s work. Music with soul, a feeling and a connection is not dead y’all and Soular System is a crucial voice making sure that modern neo-soul is alive and well.

Stream the project below