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In Conversation With Hannah Faith: On her beginnings, her new brand & her upcoming Weheartbeat gig in Jozi

We recently caught up with London born and bred multifaceted creative and Soulection affiliate, Hannah Faith. Known for her eclectic and worldly sets, she has built a strong brand for herself in the electronic beats and dance music scene and what makes her journey even more special is that she leveraged the internet’s power of connecting people to solidify her brand. Hannah Faith has grown far beyond the DJ world as she has added weight to her name by fully breaking into photography and visual arts. We speak to her ahead of her performance and showcase at the 7th anniversary of Weheartbeat in Johannesburg this Friday.

What drew you to this industry? If you could bring awareness and change within the industry, what would it be?
The music, all I’ve ever aspired to do on this musical journey is to discover and share. I started off DJ’ing because I wanted to curate mixes and share them with my mates. I feel sharing music is a very intimate process, it speaks from your soul without having to put anything into words and so that’s what I truly fell in love with. In this industry, I’d just say scrap the ego and be yourself. HAVE FUN!

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your career? What measures do you take into making these decisions?
Making decisions that align with my soul purpose, as an artist, it can be immensely draining and detrimental to my creative process if I don’t consider the type of events or work I’m agreeing to. From the music lineup to the location, to the compensation, it has to align with my self and my worth for it is after all my energy I am giving.

How would you describe and rate the music and art scene of the city you are currently living? How do your surroundings influence your art? 
To be honest, I haven’t been too active in the art scene in London as of late, I’ve been a hermit using this time to focus until I feel inspired again to step back out.

Tell us a bit about the selection process for deciding on what your artistic approach is in pursuing new ideas and concepts? What sources do you draw from for inspiration?
I meditate a lot, I listen to my body and I listen to my heart. When it comes to my creative process I follow my gut, I cannot force this process, any ideas that come into mind I write them down. My life inspires my artistic approach.

image of hannah faith
Image credit: Paul Creativ

What is your view on platforms like Weheartbeat and how important their contributions are in the culture and music scene?
Art is life, without it, the earth would be a very dull and uninspiring place, platforms like Weheartbeat are important for our culture to keep documenting the times and providing spaces for us to release energy and bring community together.

What are you looking forward to from the upcoming event?
I am looking forward to connecting with the people, dancing, raising our vibrations and having a good time.

Please recommend two artists/DJs/MCs/beat-makers to our readers which you feel people should look out for.
K Le Maestro his style is soulful yet bouncy I really like his music. Also my homegirl Lynda Dawn, an upcoming artist from London bringing that soulful funk back.

What can we look forward to from you in the following upcoming months?
More visual work. I have a brand, Delika, I’m working on which centers around, healing and wellness through design, music, travel and sacred wisdom work. Of course expect new mixes from myself too.

Thank you to Dominique and Sims for continuously supporting me on this journey, their hard work is appreciated highly. Much love and lets rock for WHB 7 year anniversary!

Catch Hannah Faith this weekend in Johannesburg.

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[EVENT]: Weheartbeat Celebrates 7 Years of Life + Love + Beats On The 31st of May

Johannesburg based multimedia beats platform, Weheartbeat, has contributed greatly to the South African electronic beats scene; building bridges between beat scenes from overseas to Mzansi’s burgeoning beat scene which encompasses lifestyle, fashion and entertainment. Over the course of seven years, the platform has curated niche events that provide unique experiences in the South African entertainment landscapes. Founders of the platform, Dominique Soma and Sims Phakisi, have steered the ship for close to a decade forming pathways for the creation and promotion of culture, advancing local creativity and offering young urbanites new experiences.

They celebrate their seven year anniversary of their journey of pushing life, love and beats by curating an event featuring some of best and highly acclaimed creatives in electronic beats and alt hip hop worlds. With UK born and bred DJ/photographer and Soulection affiliate, Hannah Faith, returning to Johannesburg once again after delivering an incredible performance at the Fak’ugesi Beats Bloc Party in 2017. She is joined by another UK act hailing from Manchester and known for its soulful approach to hip hop and Dutch/Armenian DJ/producer, Full Crate, who is respected for his innovative approach to DJing and producing and being on the frontier of new sounds. Three international headliners who live and breathe the ethos of the Weheartbeat brand.

The lineup doesn’t just end with the international headliners as it is packed with local talent that has been making waves in the South African DJ scene. The local acts include Deniece Marz.. (who has taken the Joburg music scene by storm), multitalented Cape Town based creative Gina Jeanz, Symatics (co-founder of Weheartbeat) and Weheartbeat affiliates — Jingo and Bon Bon Vie. Each local act promises to bring their own unique flair, style and vibes to the night.

Watch the event promo.

The event is happening on the 31st of May in Johannesburg, Arts On Main.

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IRV BLAMES JAKE releases the last instalment of his THIS IS SEX mix series

IRV BLAMES JAKE is not just a regular DJ. The Johannesburg-based multi-talented creative is a storyteller that does not use conventional methods to communicate and express his lived experiences. For IRV BLAMES JAKE, music is visual and packed with lessons. With that perspective, he is able to create a more rounded and full experience for the people who listen to his DJ mixes. Unlike most DJs, IRV BLAME JAKE curates mixes that are accompanied by images he took and conceptualised with artwork that he has art directed to fit what he feels when he listens to electronic music. World-renowned creators, like Australian creative Ta-ku, have a similar model – a model that is clearly working.

READ: IRV BLAMES JAKE is a DJ that is focused on highlighting the beauty of electronic music by using photography & videography

IRV first took to the internet with a slew of mix releases on SoundCloud, equipped with nothing but a laptop, a smartphone and dope mind, he created a name for himself. The launch of his 10-part mix series, THIS IS SEX, was the beginning of his breakthrough and cemented his name as one of the best electronic DJ exports from South Africa. The mix series attracted thousands of listeners from different countries and allowed him to gain a lot of respect from his peers. The unique selling point of the mix series was the out-of-the-ordinary creative direction and roll out.

READ: IRV BLAMES JAKE will make you FEEL A WAY with our latest collaboration with him.

To end the series off, IRV BLAMES JAKE took a rather interesting approach when it comes to the track selection. The songs are more bouncier, more fun and energy-filled signalling a climax or the end of a mind-blowing experience. Beautifully curated, the last mix succeeds in ending a well thought-out initiative.

Stream THIS IS SEX X below:

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Gaborone’s hidden treasure: Flex The Ninja pushes progressive future beats in Botswana

Gone are the days where we look to the West if we want to vibe to progressive future beats and bass music. Africa is now where it’s at and this is seen in how much music from here often gets picked out and played overseas. Promoters, event organization, production crews and digital media platforms like us are growing in numbers, which is enough elements to uphold and sustain a growing scene. Producers are taking to the internet and connecting with their like-minded peers on the internet and using messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to form healthy, long-lasting and soon-to-be profitable working relationships. These relationships tend to transcend the work that is required to build a scene, and friendships are developed.

Flex The Ninja is a young producer from Gaborone, who forms part of the new generation of African producers who are challenging themselves to create soundscapes that are far beyond what the African listener is accustomed to. One could easily mistake Flex for a producer from somewhere in the States, purely off his stylistic approach to production. The bounce and vibe that his productions are fast-paced, groovy and perfect for dancing, which makes sense because Flex is not just a producer but also a seasoned dancer that is quite popular in Gaborone. You can clearly tell that there is a Soulection influence in his music, as much of the bounce in his beats is synonymous with the leaders of future beats – Soulection.

The scene is pretty small in Gaborone, but it sure ain’t quiet because the amount of heat coming from Gaborone alone is enough to make the entire Southern Africa proud. And this all because of producers like Flex and his close associates. The kid is talented and a producer to look out for in 2018, and we have a feeling that one of major future beats labels from the West might scoop him up and grow his career. Look out for this kid, he’s the future.

Stream Flex The Ninja’s latest single below:

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Weheartbeat partners with Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival to bring a one of a kind showcase to Johannesburg

The Johannesburg-based integrated multi-media beat platform, Weheartbeat, has partnered with Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival to bring a one of a kind event to Johannesburg. Weheartbeat has not only created a space for people that love and appreciate beats but they have managed to cultivate a lifestyle and community that does not hesitate to support.

The continuous innovation from the Weheartbeat camp has prompted them to partner with Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival, an initiative built on the basis of celebrating digital technology, art and culture.

The event will be hosted at Tsimolong Precinct, the entrepreneurship and innovation hub in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The line up features the likes of Soulection founder, Joe kay, Masego, Petite Noir, Hannah Faith, Melodiesinfonie and Evil Needle.

Bloc Party is an event not to be missed. Our team is definitely going to be there and we hope to see you there.