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Lungelo Manzi’s new track is packed with emotion and vulnerability

Hip Hop in South Africa has finally reached heights that propels it into popular culture which eventually pushes it to surpass local, home-grown genres like Kwaito. Seeing South African rappers achieve impressive feats like filling up 40 000 – capacity stadiums and actually selling units in an era where physical sales are slow goes to show of the power that Hip Hop has in the country.

The game has undoubtedly changed and brands are running to attach themselves with the cool that the rappers carry but the music lacks one thing though – emotion. South African rappers only briefly tap into their emotional and vulnerable side but there is one creative that has taken vulnerability and his emotional side as one of his strongest traits. Lungelo Manzi broke out with his incredible Black Dog EP in 2016 and immediately etched his name on our minds and hearts as his body of work prompted listeners to open up and connect more than anything else.

He has followed up his last EP with a brilliant single called Sadist where he reminds us why we fell in love with his uncompromising, honest, sincere and emotional art. He touches on a variety of issues which are roots of sadness – from relationship problems, heart break and the challenges that young people face. The production has a wave-like, electronic effect which complements his bars very well as he progresses from one line to another.

The chorus is powerful and packed with meaning.

Feeling you while depressed only turned me into a sadist (into a sadist)
Turning the pages, turning over your waist again (turning your waist)
Holding the power, you give to me when you’re naked (oh, when you’re naked)
I feel the same whenever the world takes from me (it takes from me)

Lungelo Manzi is a top-class artist and he is steadily carving his own lane in South African music, a lane that cannot be replicated or reproduced.

Stream the track below: