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Raheem Kemet returns with fire single ”SomerSALT’

Legendary Durban MC and poet, Raheem Kemet is back with new music and it definitely has been worth the wait.

image of raheem kemet
Single artwork: SomerSALT by Raheem Kemet

SomerSALT‘ is the name of the new track from Raheem released through Sony Music Africa and it’s a street banger of note. If this is a taste of what’s to come then we are all in for a treat in 2020. With more music and videos on the way, you will want to turn this up real loud.

Stream SomerSALT by Raheem Kemet on Apple Music below.

You can also stream the single on all other streaming platforms.

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JimmyWiz Presents According To Jim: An Introspective View Into His Life, Rhymes & Beats

JimmyWiz is an East Rand born and based rapper who is highly respected and regarded in the South African hip hop game. A fierce wordsmith who has gone toe-to-toe with some of country’s top-tier and feared MCs, standing his ground as an artist that can stand his ground but not only that; his catalogue speaks volumes for the South African hip hop game as it consists of quality and authenticity.

Over the years, JimmyWiz has toiled tirelessly in rap culture and business in Mzansi with affiliations with many of the artists who hail from the East and other areas of Johannesburg who we enjoy and celebrate today. Independently, JimmyWiz has built his own machine allowing him to stay true to the hip hop identity he grew knowing when he immersed himself in hip hop culture as a youth. An identity characterized by dope bars, attitude, impeccable storytelling and empowerment through song and message. JimmyWiz stays true to this and it is reflected quite beautifully in his catalogue; a body of work which will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

image of jimmy wiz's according to jim
On his latest release titled Accordin’ To Jim, he zones in on himself and crafts an introspective view of his life; touching on topics such as love, his hustle, family, friendship and social issues like domestic violence. As much as the project is designed to focus on JimmyWiz and his life, it offers up value in the form of lessons delivered through story-driven song which prompts the listener to take a step back and reflect on their own life. The songwriting is beautiful with words threaded immaculately with the use of poetic devices to deliver great narratives, gritty bars and ideas. In 2019, no artist has dropped an openly introspective album with quality production and no skippable tracks. Accordin’ To Jim will stand the test of time and is a project that will grow with you, should you afford yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in this project.

Stream Accordin’ To Jim below.

The project is available on all the other streaming platforms.

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Solve The Problem Releases His Highly Anticipated ‘mysteryschool’ EP

Durban born and Kempton Park raised rapper, Solve The Problem, has dropped the his highly anticipated EP titled ‘mysteryschool’. The EP serves as his first official release of the year and it perfectly captures the young rapper’s world through production and lyrical content. He floats on the beats, fusing a hard-rapping style which is reminiscent of hip hop’s golden era and a more modern melodic style is reflective of the times we’re in.

The six-track EP sees Solve The Problem rap his heart out and serves as a roadmap to the creative territory that Solve pushes to introduce to South Africa’s rap fraternity. To celebrate and further push this release, he hosts a live exhibition on the 28th of July featuring his Dojo Gang affiliates such as popsnotthefather, 808x, Southside Mahommed and The Big Hash.

image of solve the problem
R80 gets you in. Pull up! Find out more here.


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Mass The Difference Is Coming Into His Own & Finding His Lane

Pretoria based artist, Mass The Difference, is on his ascent in the local rap game. Set on his way to offer a different narrative in the South African hip hop landscape; he carefully adds weight to his name in true-millennial fashion – he uses the power of social media networks to pull crowds to his music – and great rap records that could easily impress the old and the new heads. Mass’ is of the new school but he finds comfort in deviating from the current zeitgeist and approach to rap music characterized by 808s and distorted drum patterns, however he is drawn to the sonics of yesteryear with a touch of the new school. A fierce wordsmith who could go toe-to-toe with any MC in the game right who is coming into his own.

Towards the end of last year, he built up a lot of hype around his while juggling his tertiary studies and he maintained consistency well into 2019 which lead to him even getting a co-sign from one of South Africa’s biggest rap stars – Cassper Nyovest. This co-sign further affirmed what the streets already knew – Mass The Difference is not one to mess with when it comes to the raps and is one to pay close attention to in the game – and further positioned him as a new kid on the block who is going to cause serious damage in the game. Cassper did not just offer up fickle social media love in the form of a share or a retweet, but he extended his appreciation of the kid’s talent by jumping on one of his songs.

Diving and digging deep into his catalogue; you are met with great rap skills, new ideas and boundary-pushing content that would easily have any rap fan excited at the possibilities of where Mass The Difference can take the culture and rap as an artform.

He prepares to drop off a new single featuring fellow Pretoria based rapper who is also rising up the ranks in his own right, Jay Hood, and the Venda pop star Una Rams.

Stream his latest single below.

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Parley Wang Has Points To Prove With His Latest Offering

Musically, 2019 has been a rather quiet year with only a few strong releases in the South African hip hop scene. Six months in, it looked quite worrying with little movement in the scene making it seem like the culture was in a dormant state. The commencement of the second half of the year welcomed an energy shift in the game with the release of Points 2 by Tembisa born and bred rapper, Parley Wang. A respected wordsmith from the East Rand who first burst into the scene with the release of Points To Prove, and his work on Frank Casino’s breakout mixtape Something From Me. With a solid team behind him on his come-up, record label and collective Dapper Gang, Parley Wang set on his path of chasing the hip hop glory armed with a strong narrative that gave local rap heads insight into the life of the Tembisa youth and life of hustle in the city of gold.

Points To Prove became an internet and street classic with many of Parley’s peers in the game providing him with the respect and acclaim. Rapping his heart out to prove that he is one of the best out in the game, Parley has continued on the same path sticking true his guns and the tradition of rap. To follow his breakout mixtape up he releases Points 2, a continuation of the series of rap projects where Parley displays his lyricism as he performs of Ben Rasco’s gritty and hard-hitting production. With this release, Parley Wang proves once again that he is one to watch in the local rap game.

Stream Points 2 on Apple Music below.

Alternatively, you can stream Points 2 on your favorite streaming platform here.

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Swati Artists Based In The Diaspora: FatBouyBeyz Is Determined To Make His Mark In The African Hip Hop Industry

Born Basil Mavuso, BeyZ is a young, upcoming rapper from the kingdom of eSwatini who is based in South Africa. In 2018, he dropped his debut project titled “Sick Test”— an EP in which he infused his childhood musical experiences. We had a chance to chat with him.

Firstly briefly tell us who is Beyz?
Beyz is a 21-year-old artist from eSwatini who loves making music, who seeks to inspire people to follow their dreams even with or without support and to always stay true to themselves and go for what they love.

Where did the name Beyz come from?
The name comes from my real name Basil, so most people were calling me BeyZ so I thought it would be easier calling myself BeyZ since most people already knew me as BeyZ but now I decided to call my myself FatBouyBeyZ.

What made you to fall in love with hip hop?
lt’s the music I grew up listening to and I spent a lot of time with my cousins and they were listening to rap (50 Cent, Eminem, Necro, Lax, Big Pun) and one of my cousins used to rap at the time so I would watch him rap, I would see him write his music and every time he would invite me to freestyle. I tried it out and at first it was difficult because I never knew what I was doing but then I started liking it and that’s when it all started and I never stopped doing it, and I got better and better, still improving to this day.

image of beyz
Image supplied.

What/who can you say inspires you and your art?
I’m inspired by my surroundings, everything that happens around me and that has a direct impact on my music. I’m inspired by South African rapper Kwesta.

You are one of the rappers which we can safely call a “lyricist”, take us through your song writing/making process?
[Laughs] thanks bro, it all depends on the kind of song I’m making. If it’s dancehall, I usually start with the hook and make sure the hook is catchy. So first I lay down the melody of the song, then I lay three different hooks with different flows then I choose the best one, then I go onto to the verses. With dancehall I always try to dumb it down so it’s easier to vibe to and I have learnt over the years not to force music, now I just let it come naturally.

Where do you think Swazi hip hop is right now?
I think there is still room for improvement. The industry is still growing but slowly and the main problem is that we don’t really believe in our own artists as we always prefer artists from other countries. But it’s all up to the younger artists to change that, I mean it’s easier to rap now than it was back then but there are artists doing well locally and some of my favorites are Lyrikal Busta, CNX BOI 100 and Ncwiki Flex.

You are currently based in South Africa. How has the reception to your music been that side?
The reception has been good and I’ve been getting love from the city I’m based in and now it’s up to me to give them more. I gave them two freestyles and videos, now I’m planning to give them a video for my latest single ‘Hips Dont Lie‘ and hopefully get it on TV. Yeah, they find it easy to relate with the brand and it’s all love and I have a couple of features lined up with artists from this side. I will also be working with a few producers from this side too.

What is the biggest challenge for you as an artist, especially in the Swazi music industry?
That’s a tough one to answer because I’m not looking into that industry for now. But friends from that side tell me that promoters don’t want to pay and fans see their favorite local acts headlining shows every weekend but they not eating that’s the main problem with the swazi industry.

His Majesty King Mswati III often speaks of His dream of attaining first world status by 2022. What’s your take on His vision and how are your goals/vision aligned to His vision?
Yeah, by 2022 I should have achieved international status and have become an international brand. Open up my own label and sign a few artists. That’s my 2022 vision.

image of beyz
Image supplied.

What has been great year for you, from awards to a number of performances overall what has been your highlight of the year?
This year, so far it has to be the co-sign from PhinhoVet Multimedia. We have a lot of dope work lined up for you guys. The two freestyles I dropped, they handled the visuals and they will also be designing the cover art for my upcoming project. I’m looking forward to a few gigs that I have in the Mpumalanga province also in Pretoria. More information will be available on my social media channels.

You have released a number of hit singles, when can we expect a full body project?
I am currently working on my second project titled ‘Special Exam‘ a mixtape with a total of 12 songs, it will be a versatile project from rap ,ne skool, trap soul etc. We planning on dropping it around July, we haven’t set a date yet.

Where can fans-to-be find your latest music and any other essential info?
You can find my music on my YouTube channelSoundCloud and on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music as BeyZ. You can also find my music videos on PhinhoVet TV.

Stream FatBouyBeyz’s latest track below.

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Introducing Biggy: Port Elizabeth Based Rapper Showcasing A Different Side of Afrikaans Rap

Port Elizabeth is known for its beautiful coast, its windy nature and its friendly inhabitants. Many people that live outside of the windy city often limit the coastal metro to just being a simple tourist destination and that is a grave mistake as the city offers way more than that. When it comes to the arts, the city is a hub of note which is known for producing some of the best and most innovative artists South Africa has ever seen.

Biggy, a rapper born and raised in Port Elizabeth, is the latest and freshest talent to come out of the city and he is taking the South African hip hop world by storm with his unconventional approach. He fuses traditional hip hop production and electronic dance music, creating a world that he is more comfortable in which has his influences as the foundation.

Watch the Dames music video below.

His latest single off of his debut project, Dames, has placed Biggy in the forefront of Afrikaans hip hop in Port Elizabeth and also has gained him national (even international) attention. The song’s music video has gained over a hundred-thousand views in less than a month. He raps his heart out on Dames and flexes his storytelling and lyricism with a touch of humor and that is a recipe for fostering great connections with the masses.

You should definitely follow Biggy because he is about to flip South African hip hop over its head.

Stream Biggy’s latest offering, Big Bigger Biggy, below.

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Cape Town’s illRow Is Authentic, Relatable & Vibrant

There is nothing more amazing than seeing an artist create from a place of familiarity; pulling directly from their surroundings and authentically reflecting themselves in the spaces they frequent. Perfectly capturing, without forcing genuineness, life as they know, see and experience it. Twenty-four year old hip hop artist, illRow, is a great example of an artist that authentically reflects his upbringing and surroundings in music; he does this using tools such as language, music and pure creativity.

Born and raised in Cape Town, illRow first burst into the local rap scene in the Mother City as high-schooler in 2012 and in true entrepreneurial fashion, he started Unite The Mic — a movement which burgeoned into a record label and publisher. With an excellent ability of depicting his observations in the world using rap as a medium, illRow has set himself apart from the rest with his unique approach.

image of illrow
Image supplied.

His latest offering which has a music video, Main Road Taxi, is a grand display of his skill where he showcases his attentive nature as he authentically and unapologetically details the life of taxi commuting in Cape Town. He uses the power of lyricism with poetic devices such as worldplay and storytelling to give the listener a clear picture of the experience. He mixes English and Afrikaans slang commonly used in Cape Town to add more weight to the song which he wrote and produced all by himself.

Watch the Main Road Taxi music video bel0w.

Follow illRow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Styllz Entertainment Presents Cyprus Link Up ‘19 with Nasty C and Boity

Fresh from hosting two of Zimbabwe’s biggest artist the sensational Enzo Ishall and Trevor Dongo, Styllz Entertainment is once again bringing South Africa’s hip hop sensation Nasty C and Boity to North Cyprus. Nestled in the southeast corner of the Mediterranean, with the weather much favorable for the holiday adventure, the glamorous island is its third largest one.The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus actively supports university education, recognizing the vital contribution it makes to the country. The higher-education sector constitutes 40 percent of the economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This is why higher education is an integral part of governmental policy and why Northern Cyprus is considered an oasis of higher education.

Having hosted the likes of Jah Signal, Enzo Ishall, Trevor Dongo, Judgement Yard, Killer T this will be not be the first high profile show to be hosted by the enteratinment stable. “With an influx of students who consume a lot of South African music i thought it was the right time to be the first entertainment stable to bring a South Africa,” says Prince the C.E.O of Styllz Entertainment.

Hosted at the Lions Gardens in Famagusta which is befitting the status of these two hip hop giants. The Lions Garden disco itself boast a fantastic sound and light system, pumping out a whopping 30,000 watts of sound and creating an amazing atmosphere with their 40,000 watt lighting system. The disco alone covers some 3500 square metres, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to have fun. A mid-summer dance party held there in 2006 was so popular, you can even buy the video online! Cyprus Uncut 2019 promises to be the biggest event the island has ever witnessed with tons of the student already posting about the event and both artists posting about it. “ We are yet to reveal more artists and we have a number of surprises, so everyone should be on  the lookout” reveals Styllz.

poster for styllz entertainment featuring nasty c &
Image supplied.

Featured image credit goes to Mabala Noise.

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ShabZi Madallion Brings Back The Competitive Spirit Of Hip Hop With His New Single

KwaZulu-Natal born and Johannesburg raised artist, ShabZi Madallion wants all of that smoke and is making it clear that he has not come to play in 2019. Where Ya Homies At is the name of the song and it serves as a clear indication of ShabZi’s intentions and plans for the local Hip Hop game – conquer and make his presence felt. The song brings back a much needed competitive energy in the local rap world and it sees ShabZi effortlessly float over trap-leaning production delivering his potent bars.

image of shabzi madallion
Image supplied.

When speaking of what he aims to bring to the game, ShabZi says the following “I believe there’s a huge gap in the market for someone who is extremely relatable in their music. In as much as I’m here to entertain and grow, I’m also here to tell the truth, challenge the status quo and inform society of alternate truths”. He oozes confidence and that is evident in his music as it is packed with aggression, honesty and introspection. With his approach, he comes as somewhat of a sobering voice of reason bringing balance to the local rap game.

Listen to ShabZi Madallion’s latest single below.