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Obe Bomaye: Piling up the accolades and sending a clear message to his peers in the game

Following a stint in Vuzu’s The Hustle, Obe Bomaye has gone on to reposition his brand and shift his focus. The new year brings a changed artist, an artist that has managed to transition from the internet and into traditional media platforms, more specifically TV. Now, as much as The Hustle was a competition, it thrust him before the eyes of the South African Hip Hop game. The mission became bigger than simply growing his online following. The focus went from chasing online streams and downloads to leveraging TV screen time to further his vision and stretch his reach. For any artist, getting an expansive reach and access to an audience that has already been built and nurtured is a dream come true.

Being in front of thousands of rap fans, who are often judgemental and unreasonable, brings in a lot of pressure and expectation. Obe has not crumbled due to the pressure, he has kept his head down and worked to prove to us why we should pay attention to him. And this time around he has a lot to say and to prove, which brings us to discuss Pile On – his latest single produced by Bonolo Thomas. On the single, Obe assumes a braggadocious stance as he confidently raps over Bonolo’s electronic-influenced Hip Hop beat. In his lyrics, he details the inner workings of his mind, vocalises his thoughts on the game and comments on the moves of his peers. The one powerful element about the track is how he reclines into a nonchalant, easy-going way of delivering his lyrics. He finds comfort in the beat and delivers the raps with style and flair.

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Obe has set the tone and the standard for 2018, with an approach that is more rounded and more daring creatively. Testing different textures, sounds and experimenting with his voice and rap delivery will help him stand out from the pack. And he is undoubtedly on the right track.

Listen to Pile On below: