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KaeB drops the last joint of his #CozyFridays campaign

After releasing music every Friday for almost six months, KaeB drops the last track for his #CozyFridays campaign. A massive achievement of not only bettering his production skills, but also getting people to rally behind him and support his vision. What’s the vision? You may ask – raising the standard of production in the South African beats scene. We all know that a lot of producers fought and demanded their own lane within the global entertainment industry, particularly in the urban space, but KaeB is a South African producer that truly embodied the #ProducersMustRise movement.

He ends the campaign with a wonderfully produced track titled, Stay Cozy, that merges three genres together: future beats, trap and house. KaeB also weaves in 21 Savage’s vocals which adds a rather interesting layer to the song.

Stream Stay Cozy here:

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PREMIERE: Talented South African producer, KaeB, releases his long-awaited Stay Cozy Compilation

Who would have known that KaeB’s #CozyFridays releases were part of a bigger plan? A plan that includes shaking up the South African beats scene and sending a message to the world that KaeB is a talent that needs to be celebrated. The one thing that KaeB has managed to showcase is that hard work really does pay off. Releasing music every week for fifteen weeks is no child’s play, it is an effort that takes a lot courage and passion to accomplish.

KaeB challenged himself to create and push his sound further, boundaries were broken down and new styles have been birthed out of the #CozyFridays campaign. The campaign is unquestionably a first for any South African beat-maker/producer, so you can imagine what the results of this campaign are going to do for KaeB’s career.

Listen to the last #CozyFridays release, titled Friendzone featuring Sthibow, here:

KaeB is a passionate producer, with an undying love for music, who willingly shares his art with the masses and opens it up for appreciation and criticism. His efforts have resulted in a beautiful, experimental compilation album called Stay Cozy which you can buy on Bandcamp. The compilation album features talented artists such as Melo B Jones, Vuma of MLX, MelV, Hi-Lux and Sthibow.

Stream or buy the Stay Cozy compilation: