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Watch: Swazi Jive Presents The 2020 Cypher

Swazi Jive entertainment is back with another superb to kick start the year. At the beginning of 2019 the had their first ever cypher which was well received and saw the president of Swazi Jive also drop some bars. The 2020 cypher is fresh and flaming hot, from the setting of the video to the Wigo produced beat and crazy bars spit by the lads. The cypher features Luci Gang Child, OG King, Jurie, Jody Brown, Able Klein and Steez One of my favourite things about this cypher is the beat produced by Welile Wigo Mthethwa, the beat has a lo-fi feel with some incredible samples put all together into the perfect freestyle beat any rap would love. Major credit also goes to all the rappers featured on the cypher, their delivery and breath control was just impeccable with the end product being nothing short of sensational and their lyrical content was on point with room for improvement. A major shoutout to DIREKTOR ALPHA and Focus Tales TI who snapped on the visuals. The visuals are fresh and clean with the setting blending perfectly with the grimy yet lo-fi beat and hard delivery from the rappers(who are trying to prove a point), encapsulating the whole concept of a cypher. This is a great way to start the year by Swazi Jive after a silent 2019 and an exodus of most of their artist. Credit to all the rappers featured on the cypher, we hope to see and hear more from them.

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Swazi Jive Records Presents The SJR Cypher 2019 & Debuts ‘A Bag A Day’ By Chings

Hip Hop in the kingdom of eSwatini has not only been a genre but has become a lifestyle among the Swazi youth. Swazi hip-hop artists have toiled tirelessly for the genre to co-dominate with other already more popular music genres, almost every (if not every) show features a local hip hop artist which is testament of the growth of the genre locally. Swazi Jive Entertainment is a record label that was founded in 2009 and does not only focus on music but also organizes events such as renowned annual Hipnotik Festival. The record label division offers management for talents, PR services and has recently opened a new studio, the fashion division is growing working on creating merchandise for all Swazi Jive brands and the events management division is producing world renowned festivals.

Swazi Jive Records is one of the most consistent record labels from the eSwatini releasing the best music annually. They kick off their 2019 with an amazing cypher featuring their in-house artists and the CEO Sakhile Nkambule who raps for the first time but holds it down quit well. Recorded cyphers are not very common from the kingdom due to limited resources like expensive data, unavailability of recording materials etc. Rapping on a Wigo produced beat the cypher kicks off with founder and CEO of Swazi Jive who holds it down well as if he has been rapping for a while. Major big ups to Wigo for the beat, he is one of the best producers in the kingdom and continues proving this with his recent remixes of Wuz Dat by Boity and Fela In Versace by AKA. Overall it was a dope cypher even though I expected more from some of the rappers. The cypher also features Smokey, Wigo, Amarii, Amrig and LO.

Promising more fire releases Swazi Jive Records also debuted an amazing trap inspired song by Chings which features Thamie Charlez, Amrig, Adrienne Foo, Smokey and Wigo, Donno, LO and Amrig. 2019 promises to be an amazing year for the record label judging from the two releases.