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Meet Thee Future: Soweto-based producer challenging conventions in urban South African music

Hailing from Soweto, Thee Future is a talented young producer who has formal training in sound engineering. Surrounded by music, he has no other escape but to channel his love into producing and perfecting sounds made by artists that he is affiliated.

Don’t let his small online following fool you as he has produced for and worked with some of the best young talent coming out in the South African Hip Hop Industry. The quality of the music he makes far exceeds local, and somewhat global, standards and further enunciates his star-power. One can tell from his productions, that he has been formally trained to compose and engineer music as every sound is perfectly layered and timed.

Thee Future has embarked on a new journey where he mashes up popular songs from South African artists to create new music that the masses can enjoy. #MUSICMASHUP is what the initiative is called and the first track is mash-up of Joburg-based producer, KaeB’s beat and DJ Citilyt’s Vura featuring Sjava and Saudi. The mash-up is interesting, left-field and challenging considering the different vibes of the songs that were mashed up.

Stream the track below: