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Vitu joins forces with deft beat-maker & producer, SkinnieZ, to create vibes for (U)

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Armed with determination and a vision, Cape Town based artist, Vitu has had quite a busy 2017. After releasing This Time Next Week in May, things have progressed rather quickly in his career and he has pushed his artistry to another level. The accolades keep on coming, from being named as one of OkayAfrica‘s 25 under 25 South African rappers people should look out for to being featured on major South African youth culture platforms like Slikour On Life, and Kool Out. Vitu is laying his foundation to greatness, each step or move he makes seems to be calculated.

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He continues to find himself in his artistry as he challenges himself by tackling different sub-genres of Hip Hop, be it Trap, Boom-Bap or Jazz Hop. Most of the work he does with his group, Arcade Music, falls into the edgier side of things with more modern soundscapes that draw from Hip Hop sound that is prominent currently. There are many sides to Vitu – unique and rare trait which only a few possess.

He has joined forces with talented South African producer, SkinnieZ  ,who happens to be the son of the late Hotep Idris Galeta – a legendary South African jazz pianist and educator. Vitu and SkinnieZ’s association comes at a time where experimental music is gaining more traction in South Africa. (U) promises to deliver something that will be breath of fresh air for people that are well-versed in the type of music that Vitu and SkinnieZ make. The dope thing about their collaboration is that, with them, their relation has grown far beyond music and a genuine friendship has formed

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Everything Vitu does has some form of significant meaning. When describing the work he is doing with SkinnieZ, he says the following: “Tapedecks & Vinyls is a mini series of songs that take an in depth look into my mind state.. using music as a outlet to express my views on issues I may be facing at the present moment. I am rerunning past memories/ conversing with myself: dealing with different vices while trying to balance everyday life on the come up”. Vitu invests in his music and uses music to document the daily happenings in his life, which is freaking amazing, if you ask me.

Stream Tapedecks [Side B] below: