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MotherLand X remixes Madala, a smash hit by Joburg based duo XMPL

Image via Motherland X

Music connects people, acts as a necessary avenue to communicate ideas and also doubles a powerful catalyst for social change. Powered by the internet, music manifests as a social glue that affords people the ability to foster meaningful relationships beyond their respective borders. Nowadays, a kid from Seoul in South Korea who has a deep passion for Jazz music can easily be connected with a like-minded kid from Lagos, Nigeria. Digital cultures or tribes are formed, as people are constantly finding each other online. As big as planet earth is, the internet completely destroys borders and creates a space where people from different corners of world can work on art that move people.

Speaking of connections, globalisation and digital cultures – Motherland X is a movement that is leveraging globalisation and its benefits. Founded in the heart of the smallest country in Africa, Motherland X has managed to stretch its wings far beyond Swaziland borders. With the co-founders being, Vuma, who is based in the United States, Rendition who lives in between Swaziland and South Africa and Sipho (otherwise known as Ohpis in the electronic music DJ scene) who is the Creative Director of the collective and has spent some time in the US, it goes to show that a lot of ground work has been done to cultivate brand reach. The most of interesting aspect of Motherland X as a movement is the selflessness that members of the movement possess. They value developing homegrown talent and exposing it to the world. Networking also plays a major role in growing their platform, one that has grown to even accommodate talent from South Africa.

In all honesty, unlike the West, Africa does not have a solid remix culture and that obviously leaves a gap for opportunity which Motherland X is definitely taking advantage of. Innovation sits at the core of what the movement does and having to organise a group of creatives who live in different regions for a remix project must be logistically daunting. But the Motherland X team is making it work.

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This time around, Motherland X challenged the producers within their network to remix Madala, the breakout single for Johannesburg based duo, XMPL. Five producers accepted the challenge and provided some of the most amazing interpretations of the song. Four out of five of the producers are from Swaziland, namely Rendition, Slotta, Devin Dee and Wordsmith Felix, with MelV being the exception as he is the only South African in this remix challenge.

People are left no choice but to support the movement. Remix culture is being brought to the fore and we should definitely champion this movement and see the importance of this initiative.

Stream the remixes below: