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Enter the soul-driven world of AmoBeatz: Seductively thumping futuristic beats from Ndola to Gaborone

Twenty-year old producer, AmoBeatz (real name Jitotwe Tshombela), is remarkably talented. Having grown up in Zambia’s third largest city, Ndola, AmoBeatz is tasked with taking Zambian creativity to greater and newer heights. When we speak of African music, we often look to more prominent countries with budding music industries like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria – an evident injustice committed by the world. Talent is buried in some of the most unsuspecting corners of the continent, producing work with an international appeal.

Interestingly enough, AmoBeatz is currently stationed in Botswana. Steadily strengthening his name in the streets of Gaborone, accompanied by a group of like-minded and creative compadres. Like a true generation Z kid, the internet is where he chooses to share his creativity and artistic complexity with the world. The connections and networks he builds are products of his interactions in the virtual world and as much there is not a lot of offline traction, the buy-in from online music communities is enough for now.

As young as AmoBeatz is, he has achieved a decent amount of accolades for his career, from being a sought-after producer in the Botswana Hip Hop and R&B scene to being behind the production of chart-topping singles by prominent acts in the Southern African country. Having produced for names like Veezo View, AMMo Ski Mask and BanT, AmoBeatz has built the right connections for himself which ultimately leads to weight added to his name. The consistent work allows him to evade the boundaries of the local music industry in Botswana, as his music is slowly penetrating the South African industry.

A truly gifted and multi-disciplined artist, AmoBeatz is gearing up to be Africa’s next big thing. He could blow as a singer/songwriter or as a producer. The thumping, futuristic beats that he produces easily draw in fans from the West and the urban African spaces.

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