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Arabian Gang$ter: This is how the Cape Flats and Zurich sound like when combined.

As talks of the Grammy’s die down, something incredible happened. A video, which is the result of a creative exchange between South Africa and Switzerland, was released a day after Valentine’s Day. What a treat it is. The song, Arabian Gang$ter, which got some visual treatment is one of the stand out tracks from the collaborative album between YoungstaCPT, a well-respected South African MC, and a producer from Switzerland who is a landmark in his own right, called Maloon TheBoom. The two artists came together to release a project called Y?Fi Mixtape. The title of the album stands to reference Y?GEN which is Youngsta’s own record label with which he releases all his creative work and also runs his own events. The album is also available on vinyl.

The visuals of Arabian Gang$ter come at time where the world is experience the worst Islamophobia. In the song, Youngsta speaks of how marginalized the coloured community is in South Africa. He tells a story of the evident opposites that exist in the coloured community in Cape Town, where religion, the struggle to be identified as worthy group that deserves as share of the fruits of the new South Africa and gangsterism. The song gives you a cinematic view of how life is in the Cape flats. In the song, Youngsta uses different linguistic influences and styles with are authentically South African and to be more specific, Cape coloured. If you ever wanted an honest assessment of South Africa and the Islam faith in South Africa, Arabian Gang$ter is the song to listen to.

The video was shot in Zurich, Switzerland. Youngsta is currently prepping for a tour of Australia which starts next week. Maloon TheBoom and his collective Boyoom Connective are poised to release stellar releases in 2017.

Watch the video below.