Women of the kingdom: 8 Songs you need to hear from the kingdom of eSwatini

Women in the music industry in the kingdom of eSwatini have taken charge of their voices and their place in the country’s music industry and they continue to grow and innovate further. With August being women’s month, we have shine a light on the women that are contributing to the growth of the music industry in the kingdom.

Nomalungelo – Mporoma

This is probably the best song to ever be released from the kingdom. Mporoma is another splendid song from the Imiyalo hitmaker proving just how good she is. Honestly, no one would have ever thought that she was going to release a song that would do better than Imiyalo. Produced by the talented Mozaik The Producer, Mporoma was bound to be a hit, dominating local charts and was nominated in the song of the year category at last year’s MTN SWAMA awards where she won the award best Afro-pop artist award.

Nothando Hlophe – Khulu’ugcobo

New-age gospel artist and 2017 MTN SWAMA Award winner, Nothando Hlophe, is a sensational artist. The Women in Praise artist is one of the most successful and popular female artist in the kingdom. Khulu’ugcobo is her breakout song, a song where she asks God to release His power into a situation as she has seen His exploits. With over 2 million views on Youtube, the song was also nominated for song of the year at the 2017 MTN SWAMA AWARDS (and winner of best female artist and best gospel artist). She continues to show how good of a artist she is as another hit Sekukaningi has over one million views on YouTube.

Zamo – Tinyembeti

Better known as Zaza, the Lobola hitmaker and Joyous Celebration artist has a wealth of talent and experience in the music industry. The production of this song and the album as a whole is just impeccable and breathtaking. The talented song-writer, singer and actress never disappoints and has given us another marvellous project entitled Inhlanyelo (The Seed) with the lead single Tinyembeti making waves within days of release and has been nominated for Song of the year at the 2018 MTN SWAMA Awards. A powerful and emotional love song talking about the pain caused by heartbreak and who will help wipe the tears and ease the pain. With numerous accomplishments like a feature on SAMA Award winning DJ Sdunkero’s House album and DJ Steavie Boy’s album, she continues to display her talent. She is also nominated for Best Swati Artist in the Diaspora, Best Swati Soul Artist and Best Afro-pop artist at the 2018 MTN SWAMA Awards.

Velemseni – Shisa

From being the award-winning Bholoja’s back-up artist, the talented guitarist and vocalist has had a stellar career with an impressive discography. Every time, I hear she has released a song I’m eager to hear it because of her vocal ability which is just outstanding. Her music reflects an aesthetic of jazz, rock and neo soul which is vividly evident in the amazing song Shisa.

Andriene Foo – Devine

The Swazi Jive signee is a marvel to watch and always gives out the best. Devine is that song you will listen to and be damn that is not local. Everything is just perfect, even though I feel like they would have done better to market the song.

She is nominated for Best R&B Artist and Female Artist of the year at the 2018 MTN SWAMA Awards.

Amanda Mo – Uwami

The R&B, soul and pop artist draws her musical influences from a number of artists. A soulful and romantic song, Uwami is nothing short of brilliant, soulful and soothing just like her voice and already has over 9000 view on YouTube and is nominated for Best Video at the MTN SWAMA AWARDS. She has penned a number of songs which have landed on a number of successful projects. The sensational song writer and vocalist is under Icon PB, the same record label that brought us award winning Tigi hitmaker, Sands. She is nominated for Best Afro-pop artist and Best Swati Soul artist at the 2018 MTN SWAMA Awards.

Oriiginelle – August Dreams

Born Makhosazana Thwala, Origiinelle is one of the few hip hop artists from eSwatini who deserve the title of lyricist. August Dreams is the lead single of her album entitled August Dreams. She raps over a Rendition produced beat and just does it flawlessly as if she was called for it.

Symphony – Sengikhona

She is the first Swazi citizen to ever win the AfriMusic Song Contest and receiving an award for best English lyrics in her album title song, Sengikhona. Listening to the song you can tell why she won the award, from production to vocal delivery everything is just flawless and in place.

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